Oranges, Pebbles, and Sand

In this video my daughters and I demonstrate how meeting an objective is just the beginning to improvement.

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  1. Alex Lewis says:

    Awesome video. This really made me smile and think. Great job.

  2. What a beautiful family you have. I just love it how you include your children in things like this.

    Our kids are the future of our world so the more lessons like this we teach them the better off they will be.

  3. Chris Stenson says:

    If you don’t mind I’d like to borrow this idea. We have a kaizen event starting week and this will be the perfect ice breaker. Well done. One question though. Where did you get the blue sand?

  4. Michelle Pereira says:
  5. Big hugs (and kick in the butt for the boys) from Texas, sis! Miss you guys.

    Thanks Alex, Sharon, and Chris for your kinds words and comments. Regarding my kids… I am indeed truly blessed.

  6. Peter Patterson, MD says:

    Gr8 demo Ron; really grabs your attention; i’d like to use it to introduce the idea of Kaizen in a talk i’m giving to a hospital board. Best. /PP

  7. Thanks Peter. Good luck with your demo!

    Also, I forgot to answer Chris… I got the blue sand (and pebbles) from Walmart. I decided to use a colored sand since it shows up better.

  8. Lester Sutherland says:

    Another good video Ron. I liked the addition of the Girls, they are in tune with the Time Jar Experiment that this video emulates. The Time Jar has some good thoughts also on how to prioritize time (and Kaizen Events) and can be viewed at:

  9. Ah, Lester… you are stealing my thunder for my next post! :-)

  10. The look on your oldest child’s face at around 2:34 is priceless as she is “dealing” with the younger one. Priceless moments you created in the video sir. The message was excellent as well. I look forward to the second edition.

  11. Lester Sutherland says:

    Sorry about the thunder Ron….. I had used the time jar in some training for the Air Force, and always wanted to make my own video. You are doing excellent and I really am enjoying the videos series you have started.

  12. Thanks and no worries about the thunder Lester. I am actually glad you shared the video as I hadn’t seen it before. I have seen the demo done in person but the video is nice (aside from the music they chose!).

    @ Larry – Yes, my oldest definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve!

  13. Rajkumar says:

    Wow! Mind blowing video.Keep it up!
    (I was already impressed of your “One piece flow” video.That was simply superb!)

  14. Thanks for the link John and kind words Rajkumar.

  15. I had two thoughts come to mind as I watched this video

    -I don’t know how deep you want to take this analogy but something interesting to note is that if you try to fit all of those objects into the bowl in reverse order you will find it to be very difficult. Does this mean that we ought not to be timid on the outset attacking small CIP projects, or should we start big and work down from there?

    -My second thought is that you might be able to get more into the bowl by dissolving, salt sugar, or juice mix into the water before pouring it into the bowl; I have not yet tested this idea though.

  16. Interesting points and comments, Quinn. As some of the other commenters have also mentioned there are a plethora of ways to look at this. I suppose the key message is to allow little demostrations like this to challenge your way of thinking. Thanks for your insight.


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