Month: January 2010

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Live Strategy Deployment Video Workshop

I recently facilitated two different Hoshin Kanri (aka Policy Deployment) workshops.  Both have been extremely successful and the teams I worked with were able to reflect, align, and energize all at the same time. I plan to write more on hoshin kanri in the future… but until then I am

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Seven Sayings for Successful Continuous Improvement

Getting started with continuous improvement is easy but keeping it going is hard. Even though we speak of long-term thinking as one of the central tenets of continuous improvement and kaizen, many of us opt for the short-term actions, focusing more on “improvement” than the “continuous”. It was probably a

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Review of Work the System by Sam Carpenter

The title of Sam Carpenter’s Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less is deceiving. It sounds like another “4 hour work week” promise-of-personal-wealth-and-happiness book of the moment. In fact “work the system” even suggests cheating, something Sam Carpenter is careful to point out is not

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Talking About a Lean Revolution

Last week on the second episode of The American Innovator, entrepreneur, inventor and radio talk show host Paul Akers made a clear statement of purpose: he wants to bring a lean revolution to the U.S.A. Paul has shared with me some fairly bold and exciting ideas on how he wants

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