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The Pursuit of Perfection

Five months ago I called my painter, who happens to live all of three doors away, to see if he had time to do some touchup on the house.  He was able to fit me into his schedule starting a couple weeks ago.  I knew I was going to have to

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New Videos: Workplace Visualization Course

In this new School of Lean course we explore what visualization is and why it’s such an important aspect of lean management. Also, we will discover how to go about bringing the concept of visuality to the workplace. Finally, we’ll visit some real world companies to see how they’re successfully

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New Videos: Lean at the City of Grand Rapids

Steve Kane, Director of Customer Success at Gemba Academy, visits a Gemba Academy customer, the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Steve had the opportunity to talk with decision makers, city executives, as well as as other city employees using Lean to create a better work environment, saving time and inventory

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Designing a Lean Home

I’ve received several comments on The Simple Leader, with some of the most unexpected having to do with the section where I discuss my desire to design and build a home with Lean principles in mind. If I hadn’t studied chemical engineering I probably would have gone to architecture school

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The Value of Depth and Detail

Nearly three decades ago one of my first bosses pulled me aside – I forget the underlying incident except that I had somehow screwed up – and bluntly told me to “sweat the details.” I clearly remember it to this day, and it became one of the defining pieces of

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Respect by Sharing Knowledge

Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity. – Unknown Well over a decade ago when I became president of a medical device company, I already had many years of Lean experience. I knew what fundamentals needed to be put in place, what systems needed

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