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AeroFit’s Factory Improvement Team

By Steve Kane Chris Ferrier, Manufacturing Engineer with AeroFit, was challenged to increase production on a manufacturing line by one part per hour.  While this might sound easy, making it happen isn’t. AeroFit makes fluid fittings for aerospace and other high tech applications.  Increasing production by even a small amount without adding

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What Do You Demonstrate and What Do You Tolerate?

By Steve Kane I attended the AME Regional Conference in Denver last week and had some great conversations with Lean practitioners from a wide variety of organizations.  It seems the topic of discussion in Lean circles has gravitated away from Lean tools and toward culture and leadership.  The pillar of

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Tips for Dealing with Conflict

Our ability, as business leaders, to manage conflict can’t be overstated. If you’ve never dealt with conflict in a professional environment…well, you live a blessed life. Most of us, however, have almost certainly facilitated a meeting or training course with some angry person sitting there with a sour look on

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