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GA 156 | The Current State of Lean in Healthcare with Mark Graban and Joe Swartz

This week’s guests are Mark Graban and Joe Swartz, both leaders in lean healthcare. They discussed the past and current states of lean in healthcare, as well as their upcoming workshop, Kaizen Live. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Mark’s background

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GA 153 | From Tiffany & Co. to Toyota with Josh Sanchez

This week’s guest is Josh Sanchez, a continuous improvement practitioner with a fascinating background. Josh worked for Tiffany & Co. before landing a job at Toyota, and is now transitioning into a healthcare role. Ron and Josh discussed what it’s like to practice continuous improvement in these different environments. An MP3 version

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GA 152 | TWI, Kata, and Respect for People with Skip Steward and Brandon Brown

This week’s guests are Skip Steward and Brandon Brown. We had the pleasure of interviewing them while attending the KataCon/TWI Summits in San Diego. They both shared a lot of valuable insight with us regarding TWI, Kata, Respect for People, and more. An MP3 version of this episode is available for

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Monitoring Agency Revises Date for Peak Lean

October 19, 2011 Brussels (AP) One of the world’s leading efficiency trends monitoring agency, the Organization of Practitioners in Lean Enterprise Advancement and Sustainability (OPLEAS) issued a statement today revising the expected date of peak lean from 2089 to as early as 2027. Reading a prepared statement, OPLEAS Chairman Jacques

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Designing Better Hospitals with 3P: Video

The Production Preparation Process (3P) is a method for bringing together a team to evaluate the requirements of a design, apply lean principles and use low-cost rapid prototyping (a.k.a. cardboard engineering) to achieve breakthrough improvements. The design can be a product, a process, a service or a hospital building. There

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Waste Rules the Empty Spaces Between Us

The latest episode in the chronicle of the lean journey at Group Health Cooperative in Washington State is A Story from the Front By Dr. Wellesley Chapman. Dr. Wellesley writes about the experience of launching the lean transformation at the GHC clinic in Burien, Washington: Because of Burien’s architecture, our

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