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GA 142 | How to Engage People with Jess Orr

This week’s guest is Jess Orr,  a Six Sigma Black Belt at WestRock, a large packaging company. Ron and Jess discussed Jess’s Toyota background and the importance of employee engagement. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: The quote that inspires Jess

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Facing the Firing Squad

By Steve Kane   I recently had the opportunity to watch a value stream mapping training event in an administrative process.  These types of events are enjoyable for me because I always learn something new.  The lesson learned this time was quite unexpected. The 15 or so people attending the

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2-day Visual Management Workshop at VIBCO

The Lean Enterprise Institute, Rhode Island-based VIBCO and instructor Gwen Galsworth will collaborate to offer the Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking seminar. The format is a combination of classroom and shop-floor learning. Participants will first attend a visual workplace workshop on March 27th in Warwick, RI, followed by a visit to VIBCO

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Visual Management and Glass Walls

Transparency is a key word these days, especially when it comes to the mishandling of vast sums of other people’s money by smart people who already have lots of it and should know better. Governments, institutional investors, corporate boards, I’m looking at you. Perhaps someday we will think back on

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Monitoring Agency Revises Date for Peak Lean

October 19, 2011 Brussels (AP) One of the world’s leading efficiency trends monitoring agency, the Organization of Practitioners in Lean Enterprise Advancement and Sustainability (OPLEAS) issued a statement today revising the expected date of peak lean from 2089 to as early as 2027. Reading a prepared statement, OPLEAS Chairman Jacques

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Junaid's Learning from a TPM Workshop

Our friend S.M. Junaid sends us occasional dispatches from his experiences with applying lean and kaizen at his company in Pakistan. Recently he shared his learning from a TPM workshop. An Operator’s Relationship to a Machine is Like Mother-Child Attachment The machine is like your baby.You will treat your machine

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