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The Inner Game of Continuous Improvement

Five-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady credits reading The Inner Game of Tennis by Tim Gallwey for helping him overcome anxiety and self-doubt, and to keep winning. I read the book looking for parallels and general lessons that could be applied to workplace performance and continuous improvement, and was not disappointed. Here is a summary

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What’s Another Word for “Problem”?

What’s another word for “problem”? Opportunity? Situation? How about challenge? Whenever I hear this question, it’s an indication of a cultural problem. Unlike in lean organizations, bad things follow the discovery of a problem within traditional organizations. Being handed responsibility for a problem hints at possible punishment. For opportunities or challenges, hint of

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Review of Leading with Lean by Philip Holt

Leading with Lean: an Experience-based Guide to Lean Transformation, by Philip Holt, aims to provide current or aspiring lean leaders with experience-based insights and steps to ensure that others in the organization are turned on and tuned into the possibilities of lean. The author is the Head of Operational Excellence at Philips, and

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GA 149 | How to Teach TWI with Jamie Parker

This week’s guest is Jamie Parker, an avid lean thinker and past podcast guest who recently participated in our first live training class. Jamie and Ron reflected back on the class, which centered around  the Job Instruction component of TWI. We can’t wait to share this unique course with you. An

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A Pithier Name for the 8th Waste

An article in Popular Science introduced some interesting research how to activate your brain’s ability to learn. The findings can be read as an interesting neuroscience-based argument in favor of daily stand up meetings, following standard work, kata, and any type of repetition that leads to improvement, for an extra few minutes

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