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GA 141 | Practicing Continuous Improvement in Japan with Zuhara Chavez

This week’s guest is Zuhara Chavez, an Industrial Engineer and PhD student. Zuhara is currently living in Japan, researching mapping tools and other continuous improvement concepts.  Ron and Zuhara discussed her work, what continuous improvement is like in Japan, and more. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download

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The Four Pillars of Built-in Quality

The TPS house is often drawn with a triangular roof, a rectangular foundation and two rectangular columns between the foundation and roof. The space between the columns is filled with one’s choice of the systems, tools and principles to suit the lean enterprise application. There is some variation on what

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Three Things to Check During a Gemba Walk

As the teaching and implementation lean becomes more of a business there are an increasing number of 72-point surveys and 40-criteria lean maturity assessments. These certainly have value since an end-to-end customer-focused business lean enterprise strategy requires careful evaluation from the perspectives of many disciplines. However sometimes when visiting a

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Bring on the Learning Revolution!

My friend Ted is always spreading good ideas. This 18 minute video titled “Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!” was delivered with skill and humor, bringing home some ideas that have interesting parallels within how we need to understand lean management. One of the notable quotes spoke to

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Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

One common theme from the lean tours we led here in Japan this week was that all of the organizations we visited have successfully bridged what is called the knowing-doing gap. Popularized by Stanford University professor Robert Sutton, the knowing-doing gap plagues so many organizations full of intelligent, dedicated people who

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Are People Your Greatest Asset?

Scott contributed a comment to a recent article on how to motivate front line workers: I never liked the expression that “people are your greatest asset”. People should never be looked upon as an asset. An asset is defined as property owned and controlled by the firm. People cannot be

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