Month: February 2005

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On-time Delivery Starts with Trust

On a recent trip to Dallas I had the chance to reflect on two different companies facing similar issues with poor on-time deliveries. One was an aerospace company and the other a consumer electronics company. Their production processes were very different. Both are fairly early in their Lean journey but

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OEE Basics from Europe

by Charles Lukey What is OEE and what can it do? OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Done correctly, it can show you where your machines are losing money and what you can do about it. OEE is a powerful metric, calculated from three simple numbers: Equipment AVAILABILITY Equipment PERFORMANCE

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Keys to Sustaining 5S

Visiting a plant tour at a Midwestern cold rolled steel mill today, I had the chance to reflect on what makes a 5S effort sustained and successful. The owner took me through the mill and showed me a line at the start of the tour that was clean and well

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