Month: April 2005

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Hyundai Throws Down the Glove

According to news reports today April 29, 2005, Hyundai Motors is predicting that they will be the top quality producer by 2008, displacing Toyota. This is good news for Toyota and their kaizen efforts. Toyota needs a worthy challenger to keep them on their toes so they won’t grow complacent

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Toyota’s Lean Manufacturing Metrics

In one of our Lean Manufacturing Benchmarking Tours to Japan (Japan Kaikaku Experience) the people on the tour had a goal to come up with company-wide metrics. The same metrics would be used for different business units so that the conglomerate could judge them better. The question was put to

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Kaizen Event Fait Accompli

The title may throw you for a moment, with French, English, and Japanese all in one. The phrase ‘fait accompli’ is French for “an accomplished and presumably irreversible deed or fact”. I realized during a recent kaizen event that fait accompli is a good phrase to explain a key reason

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