Month: July 2005

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Kaizen in the Naval Air Command

The U.S. Armed Forces have been using a combination of quality improvement tools and methods for many years. Recently many bases, depots and command centers have been using Lean manufacturing and six sigma tools and principles very effectively to lower cost and improve responsiveness. The work being done by the

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What About the 8th Waste?

When learning to implement Lean manufacturing or Lean office principles one of the essentials is to develop a deep understanding of the 7 types of waste. Many people start working with the tools right away, value stream mapping or doing 5S activity without clearly linking this activity to waste reduction.

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Kaizen Teams & the Wisdom of Crowds

Every now and then a very intelligent manager or engineer will question the whole approach of putting a kaizen team together to spend 3 to 5 days working on a problem when the solution is ‘obvious’ to this very smart person. Putting aside the question of why the problem hasn’t

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