Month: October 2005

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Tough Love for Delphi Leadership

Dr. James Womack is not the only one saddened to see a corporation like Delphi who championed Lean so well struggle so mightily. I read Dr. Womack’s article on the LEI site about Delphi, hoping for a lesson learned. I was disappointed. Dr. Womack talks about seeing some of the

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Lean Applied to Food Service

I recently had lunch at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Roanoke, Texas. It was a surprising place to find Lean principles at work. They have a streamlined product offering with two items on the menu, fried chicken and chicken fried steak. They operate on a pull system. They cook the

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First, it’s about People. Second…

There’s a very good article about Lean manufacturing implementation in a sewing shop titled Becoming a Lean Manufacturer on Kathleen Fasanella’s Fashion-Incubator blog. We don’t do much Lean manufacturing consulting in apparel (although one of our long-time clients is a customer furniture manufacturer with a cut & sew operation) so

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Robots, Rabbits and Kaizen

There’s an interesting article in eWeek titled Little Things Mean a Lot. Kaizen has gone mainstream when an IT magazine uses it to make the connection between the robotic vehicle winning the DARPA Grand Challenge 2005 desert race, bugs in enterprise software, and 5S. This year 5 out of 23

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Governor Vilsack Brings Lean Government to Iowa

In a TPM Cafe blog entry titled Making Government Work, Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa talks about how he is bringing Lean government using kaizen and other tools. Just a sample on this Lean government blog entry: “We combined four departments of government into one administrative agency, which improved service

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