Month: November 2005

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Run Faster, Team

There’s a great day-after-Thanksgiving Day piece on Joe Ely’s Learning About Lean blog. I missed the sports action over the weekend but Joe caught an American football coach’s half-time strategy for doing better in the second half: “We just have to run faster.” This is funny, and it is sad.

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Time for an Ohno Prize?

Bill Waddell asks readers to help him out in answering the question “Why should anyone apply for the Shingo Prize?” in a recent blog entry. Bill points out that now bankrupt Delphi spent around $300,000 to win Shingo Prizes for 24 of their factories. And what was the dividend? This

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Setting the Bridges to Nowhere to the Torch

It’s been a good week for Lean government. First Senator Joseph Lieberman says he will bring a “little of your Kaizen attitude back to the United States Senate” while visiting a factory doing Lean manufacturing in Connecticut. Then there was the U.S. Navy’s renewed commitment to kaizen through a merger

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Eric’s Japan Lean Benchmarking Trip, 3

This is the third and final installation of Eric’s report from his Lean manufacturing benchmarking trip to Japan in October. “Omron Taiyo manufactures electronic parts and employs the handicapped. Omron Taiyo produces various switches, circuit boards, and fastener packages. Many of the participants on this benchmarking trip felt this was

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Peter Pan, Kaizen and Joseph Lieberman

An article in today’s New Britain Herald brightened what was otherwise a rainy, jet-lagged winter day here in the Puget Sound. Connecticut is a hotbed of Lean manufacturing and kaizen activity. Many clients of the Shingijutsu consulting company and early adopters of kaizen are based in Connecticut. These include Danaher,

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