Month: November 2005

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In Defense of Mr. Rogers

I’ve been enjoying Bill Waddell’s tough-and-straight postings lately on the Evolving Excellence blog. I had to stop and think awhile after reading last week’s posting titled Ohno, Shingo and Bobby Knight. I have a lot of respect for Fred Rogers, Taiichi Ohno, Shigeo Shingo, and Bobby Knight. There are things

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Lean Government Update Nov. 9, 2005

New Lean Government Champion in Mesa, Arizona A new potential Lean government champion hit our radar today with the appointment of Christopher J. Brady as the City Manager of Mesa, Arizona. Based on the article Mr. Brady brings Lean government creds including a pledge to “talk to the ‘front-line

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Genchi Gembutsu in Aceh, Indonesia

Indonesia was not high on the list of places I thought I would read about an example of Lean government. So I was pleasantly surprised to find an article on the front page of the November 2, 2005 Wall Street Journal titled After the Tsunami, An Aceh Surprise: Good Government.

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