Month: December 2005

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How to Kaizen Boxing Day

One of the greatest evils that kaizen and Lean manufacturing attempts to eliminate is overproduction, one of the 7 wastes. Overproduction hides true capacity, exacerbates quality problems, builds inventory, and generally amplifies the other wastes. Today was Boxing Day, so called in English-speaking places other than the U.S.A. Boxing Day

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Lean Engineering and Taking Down the Walls

Earlier this week I visited a customer who is just starting out with their Lean transformation. They are an engineering firm. They have toured another one of our clients who has succeeded in implementing Lean in their transactional areas. They have good support from senior management and they have already

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The Cheerful Delusion of the Kaizen Mind

The December 16, 2005 USA Today article titled Optimism Puts Rose-colored Tint in Glasses of Top Execs is an interesting study on strength and weakness of top executives, particularly their sometimes delusional optimism. The main points of the article are that the most effective leaders have in common their ability

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A3 Report Title: 189 Apologies

We don’t manufacture automobiles, but I know a bit about how it must feel when automobile companies issue a recall and have to ask many thousands of customers to bring in their vehicles to fix a flaw they have discovered. We found out last week that between July 2005 and

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