Month: April 2006

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Tame the Hedgehog, Name it Kaizen

A reader e-mailed me a couple of days ago and said “I personally don’t believe all problems can be solved by a group of workers gathered together doing Kaizen” and went on to make a convincing case that specialized knowledge is needed to solve technical problems and when there are

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Kaizen in a Petri Dish

Last summer while teaching VSM and demonstrating one-piece flow at one of our client’s factories in southern China I was introduced to the General Manager. He shook my hand. He wasted no time. He had one urgent question for me: “How do we sustain kaizen?” It seemed like an easy

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Job Shop Kaizen

A continuous improvement specialist from a UTC group company e-mailed us today with the question “What principles should I look to implement for Job Shop Kaizen?” Kaizen in a job shop should aim to implement the same principles as in a shop that mass produces widgets, or in a clinic

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First Face of Innovation: Go to Gemba

I’m reading The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley, general manager of IDEO. These days innovation seems to be the trump card of executives and politicians who have grown bored with operational excellence. So I picked up this best-seller with great interest, from my public library. The first chapter

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