Month: May 2006

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Kaizen the Design, Recall the Part

A Washington Street Journal article on May 31, 2006 reports that once again, Toyota Recalls Some Prius Cars. That’s some 170,000 Prius vehicles. If you include the other models it’s nearly a million cars recalled for parts not strong enough and at risk of cracking under stress. What’s going on

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The Lean Office & The Typewriter of the Future

I took typing classes before it was called “keyboarding”. The first manual typewriter I used was a fascinating and alien collection of metal eyes and teeth, a beautiful piece of industrial design like this one. The march of progress soon replaced this with electrical models of questionable value, and then

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Gemba Keiei Chapter 22: Shut the Machines Off!

Taiichi Ohno starts by explaining the difference between an automatic loom “working” and “moving” or “running”. Working implies that jidoka prevents it from making defects. A machine “running” and producing defects is not a machine “working”. If the machine makes a defect, it should stop. The difference between automation and

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