Month: June 2006

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Toyota Feels the Heat from Hyundai

The Autoblog is always good for some emotional point-counterpoint when it comes to the fates and doings of the automobile manufacturers in the United States. Today’s post titled Toyota to suppliers: don’t sell to Hyundai proves no exception with some spirited back-and-forth. The gist is that Toyota does not want

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Sell Complacency, Buy Kaizen

On June 12, 2006 Minyanville News & Views commentary money manager Ryan Krueger gave the advice “sell complacency, buy kaizen”. He sees the U.S. as complacent, giving evidence for the eroding dominance as the number one economy, and labels the emerging markets “kaizen”, eager to improve. Although oddly Krueger isn’t

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Gemba Keiei Chapter 24: Fight the Robot Fad

“We only started talking about ‘reduced volume production’ after the 1973 oil shock. Prior to that we could sell everything we made so cost reduction for mass production was easier.” Ohno goes on to say that although many other industries learned to cut cost with reduced volumes, to this day

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Lean Manufacturing Mantras

One of my favorite Lean manufacturing moments was when a group of highly intelligent and committed Lean leaders from an American industrial giant that we took to Japan realized that the excellent company we were visiting had no idea what a value stream map was, had never heard of six

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