Month: September 2006

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My Early Kaizen Days

Thirteen years ago this month I nervously stepped into the lobby of the Sheraton at Hartford, Connecticut airport. It was the first day of my first Shingijutsu kaizen event. I did not know what to expect. I remember the first words out of the mouth of Mr. Nakao to me

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Healthcare Costs Can Be Cut

Healthcare cost can be cut. So says a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article by the same title on September 14, 2006. The examples from Virginia Mason Medical Center do demonstrate that healthcare costs can be cut, but is this enough? The article cites statistics from Robert Mecklinburg of Virginia Mason Medical Center,

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Lean by Any Means Necessary

We toured a tier 1 automotive supplier recently with a group of our customers on our Japan Kaikaku Experience. Our customers learned many things but there was one main lesson. First, the General Manager who took us on the in-depth gemba walk advised us “as a manager, don’t be afraid

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What is Flexibility for Lean Manufacturing?

What is flexibility for Lean manufacturing? There’s the beginnings of a good discussion on flexibility and what it means for Lean manufacturing on the Lean blog, posted Thursday September 7th. Blogger Luke Van Dongen notes that flexibility is sometimes used interchangeably with Lean. Flexibility refers mostly to a traditional philosophy

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