Month: October 2006

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How Do U Spell Quality?

I spent four nights recently at Quality Inn, an American hotel chain. It was a pleasant stay, and not without its lesson in kaizen. I came back to the hotel one night to notice the following: I couldn’t resist taking them up on their quality policy. Full marks to Quality

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Scottish Local Authority Wins Award for Kaizen

Congratulations to the Aberdeenshire Council on winning the top Performance Improvement Award from UDITE – The Association of European Local Authority Chief Executives for their kaizen efforts. Kaizen in the public sector, how sweet the sound…

Not Trying to Coin A New Buzzword, But…

I’m thinking of phrases to replace the one we are avoiding this month… Contiunously Improving Operation, Rational Manufacturing, Intelligent Operations, Smart Production, Holistic Production, Adaptive Manufacturing, Non-local Optimization, Nimble Manufacturing, Organic Manufacturing, Demand Supply Execution, Flow Production, Customer Vectored Operation, Sane Management, Clear Stream System, Visualized Production, Operational Synchronization, Flexible

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