Month: December 2006

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Selecting a Management and Improvement System

Lean manufacturing is a system for managing and improving production operations. More broadly, Lean manufacturing principles can be applied to manage and improve any type of operation from healthcare to service and distribution, as we are increasingly seeing. But how does a decision maker select the appropriate management and improvement

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Holiday Shopping is Wasteful

It’s time for my second annual Boxing Day railing against the waste caused by holiday spending at the year end. This year we find a December 23, 2006 Wall Street Journal article titled How Christmas Brings Out the Grinch in Economists lending support to my theory that we would all

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Ford CEO Mullaly’s First Impressions

In the December 22, 2006 Wall Street Journal article titled Mulally’s ‘First Impressions’ published the letter from the former Lean leader of Boeing and now CEO of the Ford Motor to the employees of the company. He starts out by acknowledging that there will be tough decisions ahead, and that

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When is Point Kaizen OK?

Point kaizen refers to small, isolated improvements that are easy to implement quickly. The impact of point kaizens are typically small but they can have a large impact. Point kaizen are in contrast to line kaizen, plane kaizen, cube kaizen, etc. There is no limit to how small a point

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