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Six Sigma Saves Fortune 500 $427 Billion

By Ron Updated on June 4th, 2007

Six Sigma has been beaten up a bit lately.

First Dibert, yeah the cartoon, took a cheap shot and then the whole thing with former Home Depot chief Bob Nardelli (proponent of Six Sigma) stepping down took things over the top.

Recently, Michael Marx of iSixSigma completed a study and showed that when it is deployed properly and supported Six Sigma will deliver results.

Check out the report for yourself and let me know your thoughts. Some opponents and CAVE people (citizens against virtually everything) will no doubt claim Michael used some funny math to which I would reply, “Michael has data to back his position. Pray tell, do you?” I am guessing the conversation would end at this point.

By the way, Lean guru Jon Miller from Gemba Research recently commented on the Dilbert cartoon. Check out his take on it. As usual, I agree 100% with him. Until next time, best of luck on your journey towards continuous improvement.

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