Month: January 2007

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The Forgotten M’s

Those familiar with lean manufacturing have likely heard the word muda many times. Muda is the Japanese word for waste and is the enemy of us all whether we know it or not. Strangely enough muda is not the only enemy of a lean system. There are two more, less

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CAVE People

Most of us have encountered individuals I call CAVE people. These people are: Citizens Against Virtually Everything You can likely name one or two CAVE people right away. In my experience there is no easy way to deal with them. They are often unhappy people and arguing and complaining seems

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In my recent Lean Lunch blog I referenced the Kano Model. I received some questions on what this model was all about so thought I would shed some light on it this evening. By the way, if there is a topic you would like me to discuss please drop me

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Motorola misses Badly

I just read an article stating that Motorola, the #2 maker of cell phones in the world, is preparing to cut 3,500 jobs. Motorola reported a 48% drop in fourth-quarter profit as margins in its handset business collapsed. Folks, 48% is a big miss. The story reported, “Among other things,

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TPS Kids

Modern marketing gurus will tell you that in order to build customer loyalty you need customers to develop a deep, emotional attachment to the brand. One of the ways this is done is by telling engaging stories about the brand. Toyota seems to have gotten this memo, and when it

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Lean Lunch

This is a picture of the taco salad I had for lunch today. OK, so “lean” in the truest sense may be a bit of an oxymoron since there was probably enough calories in this meal to last me a few days but I digress. Anyhow, I am always looking

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