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Construction Industry Uses LSS

I came across this article and while it doesn’t go into great detail it talks about how LSS was taught to home builders during the final days of a workshop. It is always encouraging to me when I see and hear of other industries using these tools to improve their

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How Much Should We Pay for Kaizen Ideas?

“How much should we pay for kaizen ideas?” This is a question we often hear during a kaizen class. The type of kaizen we are talking about here is the everyone-everyday kind, otherwise known as the soikufu system in Japanese, or not-so-aptly named suggestion system in English. At companies like

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Hypothesis Testing

One of my favorite statistical tools is hypothesis testing. We can use hypothesis testing for many purposes. For example, we would use the popular 2-sample t-test when we have two samples of variable data and want to understand if they represent different populations, statistically speaking of course. State the Null

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Scott County Schools Trying Out the Toyota Way

Today’s article in the Lexington Herald-Leader made my day a little bit better. The Scott County Way: Educators take a page from ‘The Toyota Way’ to boost curriculums: It seemed only natural that Toyota’s corporate culture would influence the local schools, said Superintendent Dallas Blankenship. He estimated that one in

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Lean Six Sigma Hot Sports Opinions

It seems “Lean Six Sigma” has been on the minds of some bloggers lately. There was a great discussion over at the Gemba Research blog here. I saw Rob commented on the topic here. Last, but certainly not least, the folks at the Scratching Post had some opinions (which, I

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Talking with Toyota’s Chief

Business Week recently interviewed Toyota’s chief, Katsuaki Watanabe. They discussed hot topics such as how Toyota is battling the “big company” disease, quality issues, and the potential backlash in America as they close in on GM.Until next time, I wish you all the best on your journey towards continuous improvement.

Once a Month Cooking – Lean or Not?

A few posts ago I went on about my Sensei wife. I told you how she was teaching my kids about lean concepts, etc. Well, I must be fair and balanced with my blogging and need to confess something to you all. Tonight, my beautiful wife is with two of

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The Seven Habits of Toyota People

The harder Toyota’s overwhelming success becomes to ignore, the more books and articles are written about what makes them great. Many say the same thing, but in different ways. I’ve just started flipping through a Japanese book titled The Textbook of Toyota-style Work and I’ve already found something interesting. In

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