Month: March 2007

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Work in Process in Knowledge Work

The Lean principles of the seven types of waste, flow, building in quality at each step, and making small improvements locally each day are all readily accepted by knowledge workers with a minimum of explanation and demonstration. Visualization and standardization are more difficult for knowledge workers to understand and accept.

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North American Manufacturing

I recently read an interesting article related to manufacturing in North America. Here are some interesting quotes for those wanting the abbreviated version: “But CMP, which opened its first U.S. manufacturing operation just north of Raleigh, N.C., in 2005, said it plans to expand further in North America, adding more

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Demystifying Design of Experiments

I love Design of Experiments (DOE). Over the years I have done my fair share of them – everything from simple 2^2 full factorial designs to your more complicated Response Surface Methodology designs. Tonight I want to start by explaining what DOE’s are and what they are not. I will

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Introducing SPACER

Tonight I want to introduce one of the best tools available to ensure you have a good meeting or training class. The technique I am referring to is called SPACER. It stands for: Safety Purpose Agenda Conduct Expectations Roles It sounds straight forward enough but many people mess SPACER up

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The Mysterious Process Cycle Efficiency

A key metric used by Lean practitioners is Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE). You may also hear it called Value Added Ratio. When used in conjunction with a Value Stream Map, PCE is calculated as follows: Value Add Time / Production Lead Time. To see a definition of Production Lead Time

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