Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford University

By Ron Pereira Published on May 30th, 2007

I learned some more stumbling tricks and came across an interesting website.  This site was put together by the nice people at Stanford.  On the site are videos of several different manufacturing processes. 

You can watch an 8 minute video of a Ford Mustang being built.  See how much muda you can spot in that process!  It’s funny towards the end of the video the narrator talks in an anxious announcer like voice as they go to start the Mustang.  It starts and he says something like, “It starts!”  I’m not trying to pick on Ford… OK maybe I am a little.

They also have videos showing how things like motorcycles, jelly beans, and several other products are made.  I have not heard or seen much about Lean or Six Sigma… but there are several videos I have yet to watch.

In any event, it is interesting to see other manufacturing processes.  I like to watch these types of videos with eyes for waste pretending I worked there and was tasked with making things better. 

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