Six Sigma still popular with search engines

I was recently playing around with this slick keyword selection tool from Overture (now Yahoo I think?) that allows you to see how many times certain keywords were searched for over the web.

So I typed in “six sigma” and saw that it was searched for 35,529 times in January 2007.  This number is only based on Overture searches so most people multiply this number by 10 to estimate how many times the same phrase is searched for in the mother of all search engines – the almighty Google.  Doing this gives us 355,290. 

Interested I then typed in “lean manufacturing” and got 15,900 for Overture or 159,000 for Google.  I also tried “toyota production system” and got 3,240 or 32,400 Google searches.  Finally, “lean” by itself came back with 10,457 or 104,570 Google searches.

I am not trying to give six sigma any extra props or anything… nor am I attempting to slant lean in anyway.  I just found it interesting that even though many have given six sigma up for dead there still seems to be quite a few people searching for information about it.  At least over on Overture!

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  1. John Hunter

    June 24, 2007 - 6:57 am

    Lean manufacturing v six sigma on Google

    which also gives you comparisons by country and locations in the USA. India does a lot of searching for six sigma (Google even provides good clarity on the data: “Essentially, all results from Google Trends are normalized. This means we’ve divided the sets of data by a common variable to cancel out the variable’s effect on the data and allow the underlying characteristics of the data sets to be compared. If we didn’t normalize the results, and instead displayed the absolute rankings of cities, they wouldn’t be all that interesting. For example, New York city would be the top city for many results because there are lots of searches from there.”).

  2. Ron

    June 24, 2007 - 10:18 am

    Thanks John. I have not played with Google trends. Learn something new everyday!