Month: July 2007

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Kaizen Rules – 5 & 6

Tonight we continue with our multi-part kaizen rules series. For a recap of previous kaizen rules please check out: Rules 1 & 2 Rules 3 & 4 Rule 5: Correct mistakes at once If you are walking through your office, factory, or even home and spot an abnormality you should

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TPS & the Tao

Some time ago a woman who was studying Taoism and also reading Taiichi Ohno said, “The more I read Taiichi Ohno’s book The Toyota Production System-Beyond Large-Scale Production, the more I believe that his philosophies are based in the teaching of Tao Te Ching.” Ever curious about things that flow,

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Kaizen Rules – 3 & 4

Yesterday we discussed the first two rules of kaizen. Tonight we will discuss excuses and perfection. Rule 3: Stop making excuses. Start questioning current practices. When we encounter a defect or failure we should not make excuses or play the blame game. Instead, we must go to the gemba to see what

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Kaizen Rules – 1 & 2

This week my plan is to blog about all things kaizen. I personally believe kaizen is the key to long term success – both professionally and personally. Often times we associate the word kaizen with “kaizen events” which are short improvement initiatives that last around 5 working days. For example,

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Accenture to Acquire George Group

NEW YORK; July 19, 2007 — Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has agreed to acquire George Group, a privately held consulting firm specializing in helping companies and governments enhance their performance through strategic process improvements, accelerated innovation and streamlined operations. Read Full Story

Kaizen Song: Downstream Pull

This kaizen song is dedicated to all of you materials managers and planners out there working to establish pull systems… Downstream Pull (to the melody of “Downtown Train” by Tom Waits) Line side another yellow andon No engineers on the night time shift I look through the parts list and

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There is No Honor in Muri

Unreasonableness is a six syllable, sixteen letter word. It’s a lot simpler to say muri in Japanese. Certainly less precious breath is wasted without the four extra syllables. Muri arises when you try to fight variability at the surface level rather than at the systemic level. In other words, when

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