Month: September 2007

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This Too is a Kanban

The orthodox description of a kanban is a rectangular card in a plastic sleeve used to reorder materials from a supplier or an upstream process, or a triangular metal plate used to signal production for a process that requires changeovers for lot production. However, orthopraxy (correct practice) is more important

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Where is Ron?

Hello from London, England.  I wanted to drop a line and apologize for my lack of blogging action!  I have been extremely busy as of late and thus my blogging has taken a bit of a hit.  I typically post my blogs in the evenings but due to some changes in

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What Are You Building?

For those of us who are in manufacturers, or in some way involved in making things or helping others make things, we think in terms of what we build, the materials, tools and processes we use. How would you answer if you were asked “What are you building?” through your

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