Month: September 2007

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Hope for Chrysler

My hope for Chrysler is that Jim Press can act as a consensus builder and not a heroic, problem solving executive. What Chrysler doesn’t need is a wave of Toyota Production System implementation in their factories or a dose of Toyota way in their marketing and sales groups. What Chrysler

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Six Sigma in Japan

Here is a question I honestly don’t know the answer to.  Do companies in Japan use Six Sigma?  When I say Six Sigma I am referring to someone following the standard DMAIC roadmap in attempts to reduce variation, defects, etc.  More advanced users may also be using Design for Six Sigma

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Nardelli Poaches Another One

Big, big news today as a top Toyota executive in the US, James Press, has been “poached” by Chrysler. This is at least the second big named Toyota person to jump ship for no doubt huge money. Chrysler said Press will be charged with overseeing the vehicle maker’s North American sales,

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This past Sunday the readings for Roman Catholics around the world centered on the theme of humilty. The pastor of my parish gave an excellent homily on the topic and I wanted to share some of my own thoughts as it relates to the those of us working to make

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Autonomous Maintenance in the Office

We are going through some design change tests at the Gemba blog as long-time readers may have noted. While testing the various functions and features to send back fix requests to our developer, I came across some reader comments and questions that were posted but somehow missed (not addressed). One

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