Month: October 2007

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Thank You, Thank You, Sam-I-Am

One of my favorite philosophers is Theodor Geisel, a man whose illustrated stories continue to entertain and speaks to children and adults alike. Anyone continuous improvement professional who has read his “Green Eggs and Ham” must respect Sam-I-am, who uses persistence and determination to broaden the tastes and perspectives of

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Two Types of Kaizen

The word kaizen is fast becoming a buzz word galore.  You will hear about how people are “doing kaizen” or running a big “kaizen event” next week. Many times folks are in fact executing kaizen’s in an attempt to make things better and I applaud them.In addition to the infamous

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Steelcase to Bring Lean Office to China?

An article in the October 23, 2007 in the English version of the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily hints at a future for the Lean office in China. Titled Furniture firm builds presence, it is largely corporate PR announcing the expansion of Steelcase office furniture consultancy services into the Chinese market.

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The Right Inventory is an Asset!

Most lean practitioners, myself included, spend lots of time talking about how calling inventory an asset is hog wash.  We use analogies like how lowering inventory is the same as lowering water in a river… eventually all those pesky rocks (defects, etc.) appear and the boat (our factory) is sunk.  Usually

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