Month: November 2007

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Management by FACTS!!

These are the words staring at me each day while standing or sitting at my desk: FACTS! Please feel free to hit Print and place this visual reminder for all to see. Sadly my personal MTBFTFTBF performance (mean time between failures to face the brutal facts) is not improving. Not

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Top 10 Problems with Problem Statements

The problem with problem statements is that hardly anyone knows how to correctly formulate a problem statement and instead they put a lot of information there in place of sound arguments and justification for action, and people would be better off leaving the writing of problem statements to professionals. The

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What is the Standard?

A problem was brought to my attention today. Some of our consultants are not submitting expense reports on time, causing us to be unable to bill clients on time. Simply put, some people are keeping other people from doing their job. This is a problem. It is not a new

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