Month: January 2008

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Textron CEO on State of Six Sigma

USA Today recently interviewed Lewis Campbell, Textron’s CEO. The questions were mainly centered on Textron’s enterprise wide deployment of Six Sigma. They asked several questions, some of them quite tough. All were answered with, let’s call it, conviction. Here is an example. Q: Bain, a respected consulting company, tracks the

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Has Lean or Six Sigma Changed your Life?

Mark Graban just posted an article about LEI’s newest book.  Looks to be sort of like the Lean Lexicon but with blog-like quotes.  Mark shared one of the excerpts from the book. “Lean should not have ‘changed’ anyone’s life! If it has, you’ve done it incorrectly. Lean should be constantly

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Learning to Learn

Lean Enterprise Institute has a book called Learning to See. It’s about how to use value stream maps to “see waste” in a new way. It’s a great book and even better book title. Go to Amazon and check it out. But I think an even better book could be

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Former Toyota Exec Speaks

My friend Pete Abilla (author of the Shmula blog – now creator of a site that can help you find a math tutor and more) often reminds us that, during his time at Toyota, the phrase “respect for humanity” was used, not “respect for people.”  Along these lines Pete sent me this link. It is an

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