Month: February 2008

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Revisiting “Why Flow Counter Clockwise?”

I don’t normally do this, but I’d like to revisit a past article I wrote about why u-shaped cells often flow counter-clockwise.  Specifically, I’d like to share an excellent comment from Bryan Lund of Training Within Industry Service fame.  Here are Bryan’s thoughts on the matter.  Thanks for sharing Bryan! Another more

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Lean Blog Update

Our friend, Mark, over at the Lean Blog is battling some technical difficulties.  He is working hard to fix things. 

The Time of Fulfillment

The word metanoia literally means the changing of one’s mind through repentance. Spiritual Life In the theological sense, metanoia occurs when a person examines their life and decides to turn away from sin and towards God. Often times, the Greek word metanoia is translated as repent. In the New Testament,

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Let’s Create a Future State Value Stream Map!

Update (4/4/14): We recently released an excellent podcast with Karen Martin on the topic of Value Stream Mapping. You can listen to it, while reading this article, by clicking here. Let’s continue with our value stream mapping (VSM) series this evening by discussing the future state VSM. If you are just joining

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The Real Leader

My sister, Denise, recently emailed me this quote.  “He has genuine integrity, he has serious style, and he’s pulled me through more than one bout of the stomach flu. Anybody can sprinkle rose petals across a big brass bed, but only a real man will hold your hair while you’re

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