Month: February 2008

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Clean up, Guide to Lean, and more

Things have been pretty crazy around here the last few days.  Switching over to this new website was definitely worth it… but not without it’s share of work. Clean Up When you switch to a completely new design like this certain things can go nutty… like the formatting of past

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Is Lean a Superstition?

The Training Within Industry blog took up the debate on “Is lean a religion?” a few weeks ago. The article points out that when done right, lean is more of a philosophy that guides how you do thing and how you lead people. It’s true that lean can turn people

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One Piece Flow versus Mass Production

In this video we watch the traditional “mass production” manufacturing technique square off against the lean “one piece flow” methodology. Have a watch to see who wins! This is my first attempt at making a video like this. I must admit, talking into a camera is much harder than pressing

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What is RSS?

I’ve been asked by a few folks what the funny looking blue icon on my front page was all about. So, let’s take a break from lean and six sigma and talk about the wonders of RSS. The Good Old Days In the old days when we wanted to keep

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Kaizen Your Life with the Ten Lessons for Good Health

These ten lessons for good health (健康十訓) are glazed onto my teacup. Reading these while sipping green tea has helped me survive over the years. Lean healthcare professionals take particular note: prevention trumps correction every time. Ten Lessons for Good Health (健康十訓) 1. 少肉多菜 = eat less meat and more

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