Month: April 2008

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The LSS Academy Guide to Lean: Update

A few months ago, during the launch of the new and improved LSS Academy, we made our first free ebook available: The LSS Academy Guide to Lean Manufacturing.  Honored and Humbled I have been blown away by the number of kind emails I have received from all over the world.  If you haven’t

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The Old Navy from Hell

My blogging goes in spurts.  I seem to get on a “theme” and roll with that for a few posts.  Well, regular readers of LSS Academy have likely sensed I have been on a “take action/5S” rant as of late.  Well, tonight it’s time to share the story that inspired these

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Well Do Something!

“If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” -Yogi Berra A True Story Several years ago I was riding in the car with my Grandma and Grandpa.  We were driving to the store if I remember correctly. Along the way my Grandpa pulled up to a busy intersection,

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Fix the Broken Windows

What do fixing broken windows and continuous improvement have in common? I contend a lot.  Read on and let me know if you agree. The so-called broken window theory comes to us by way of the criminology world. Broken Windows The theory asks us to consider a building with broken windows. It

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The Secret of TPS

The secret of TPS is that the secret is in plain view. We’re not talking about secrets in the sense of the unknown, since much about the Toyota Production System has been made public by Toyota and others who study and write about it. We are often asked, “What is

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