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Use Only Reliable, Thoroughly Tested Means

Principle number 8 of the Toyota Way, as defined in Jeffrey Liker’s book of the same name states: Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes. Software code is mostly reliable once it is set up, not prone to the wear and tear of material things,

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Get Out of Here with that Stop Watch!

Mike Wroblewski brought back more than a kimono from his benchmarking trip to Japan. His souvenir was of far greater value. In Japanese it is called the spirit of wa, or harmony. There is a great real life story on Mike’s Got Boondoggle? blog where he models the ideal behavior

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Free Takt Time Video and Calculator

In this video I demonstrate how to use this Takt Time Calculator.   Feel free to download the calculator and use it however you see fit. And if you’d like to learn more about what takt time is be sure to check out our Transforming Your Value Streams course where we

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The "3 Mu" of Lean Design

Elimination of the “3 mu” is at the heart of kaizen and lean management. The three Japanese words are muri, mura and muda. The latter is most commonly known as waste and categorized in the 7 types of overproduction, inventory, defects, transportation, waiting, motion and the waste of processing itself.

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Kaizen – American Airlines Style

Since I live in the DFW area and travel a lot… I’ve gotten pretty familiar with American Airlines. I should eclipse the magical “Executive Platinum” status within the next month – something that makes me feel sort of sad if you want my honest feeling! Anyhow, I came across this

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Real Life SMED

One of the best ways I’ve found to explain various lean and six sigma topics to others is to use examples from real life. After all, not everyone makes cars or the mirrors that go on cars… so many of the examples we read about in the various lean and/or

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