Month: November 2008

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I’m sitting here at my PC working on a little “project” I can’t wait to tell you all about.  In fact, I’ll probably be sitting here well into the morning… but I am definitely not complaining. Anyhow, I have an old “Styx” CD playing in the background… and man, I

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The Spinning Lady: Part 2

It’s always interesting how a post that takes me 48 seconds to write can create so much discussion!  As of right now there have been 28 29 comments left on the spinning lady post… most explaining how she is spinning one way or another. I first came across this picture

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It’s a Lousy Time to Implement Lean

Author, teacher and our friend Bob Emiliani from the Center for Lean Business Management pointed pointed out an inaccuracy in my post from Sunday on how the Big 3 automotive companies should follow Toyota’s path through bankruptcy to world class. The article implied that Toyota went bankrupt in 1950. In

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The Spinning Lady

OK, are you up for a challenge? If so, which way is the lady spinning: clockwise or counter-clockwise? Leave your answer in the comments if you want to play. And let me just say… don’t be so sure about your answer.

Helping our Friend from Down Under: Part One

Here’s how cool blogging is. A week or so ago I got an email from Petri, a lean practitioner in Finland. His question was so good it inspired this post which stirred up some excellent discussion. Last night we received another comment to this same post from Gail who is

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