Month: December 2008

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Field Report from Gemba Tour #62, Part 2

I have seen the future of logistics, and it is green. Today we visited a distribution center that supplies Toyota. The lean logistics system supports multiple deliveries to the assembly plant each hour using mixed loads, milk runs, kanban cards and just in time picking. This was excellent to see

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Field Report from Gemba Tour #62, Part 1

The last few weeks haven’t been very productive ones for writing blog articles due to travel between the US, UK and Japan. However the interaction with clients and changes in scenery have been good stimuli for future article ideas. This week I am in Japan, participating on our 62nd Japan

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Bathroom Lean

Here’s a fun question for all you male lean thinkers – in order to streamline the morning bathroom practice of showering, shaving, and brushing your teeth – what is the “leanest” way to go about it. Do each one separately.  In other words, take a shower… get out and shave…

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If Blame Helped Solve Problems…

…the interview with Newt Gingrich on Fox News would be a brilliant way to get the Detroit automotive companies out of the trouble they are in. Here is Newt Gingrich taking the bait and laying the blame, making a troubling and complex problem simpler than it is, name-dropping the Toyota

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Sigh. Chrysler wants $7 billion. They asked Congress for this taxpayer money in a 14-page document. I bet they could do it for $500 million if they only took the time to give the PDCA wheel a few turns and put their proposal on a single page A3. Ford has

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PDCA is About Not Telling Lies

This circle doesn’t lie. In fact one could say that used properly, it is a truth-generator. In a section discussing problem solving, experimentation and PDCA, the book Extreme Toyota by Emi Osono, Norihiko Shimizu and Hirotaka Takeuchi quotes Toyota Senior Advisor Yoshio Ishizaka: “From my 40 years of experience with

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