Month: January 2009

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The Correct Sequence for Doing 5S?

Harish was reading the archives and asked a question: Traditionally (Hirano or Ohno’s Work Place Management) 5S is in a specific order – Sort, Set (Straighten), Shine (Spic & Span), Standardize and Sustain (if needed). I have seen a few books and even a DVD (5S Garage) where the order

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Finding Time Values for Standard Work

Thanks to Gary Tucker for a question regarding standard work and standardized time values: How do you get your time values and how do you know that they are standardized? You sure can’t just take any observed time. There are all kinds of factors that have to be considered. I

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The Secret to Success – Practice

What do Tiger Woods and Taiichi Ohno, one of the chief architects of the Toyota Production System, have in common? Well – besides making history in their particular fields of excellence – both of these men believe/believed in practicing – a lot. And I personally believe that the only way

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5 Why? vs. Why Not?

The Toyota Why Not website came my way via Twitter. It’s an interesting distraction. The best part is the birds chirping. I actually looked for an open window until I realized that birds don’t chirp in January in Seattle. There is a “Sound Off” button at the lower middle part

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