Month: January 2009

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What Did You Improve Today? If Not, Why?

This past Saturday afternoon Mark Graban from the Lean Blog twittered the following to the world: What did you do to make your job easier or. more interesting last week? What action did you take? If nothing, why not? 4:25 PM Jan 17th from TwitterBerry It provoked me to think

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5 Ways Google Can Avoid Eliminating 100 Jobs

Is eliminating 100 badly needed jobs in Detroit in the midst of an economic recession evil?. Or is it just business? It depends whether your company name starts in go and ends in ogle. If Google’s motto was “don’t be bad at business” the discussion would end there. But for

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5 Tips for Video Taping Others

I’ve recently been involved with a SMED (single minute exchange of dies) kaizen event. The event itself was extremely effective and tons of fun… and while I could share the specifics of the event with you I won’t. Instead, I want to focus on one particular part of the kaizen

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Conveyance is the Shadow of Information

Shigeo Shingo, the granddaddy of lean thinking industrial engineers once wrote, “Time is the shadow of motion” and a lot of other things that sound more cryptic than they should thanks to the wonders of inadequate translation. Nonetheless there’s deep wisdom in the words he left us in his many

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SNED – Single Night Exchange of Domiciles?

Normally SMED in lean talk stands for single minute exchange of dies. Shigeo Shingo, industrial engineering consultant to Toyota wrote a book about this methodology and it has made possible small lot production and the reduction of lost capacity worldwide. SMED is a wonderful thing. But what if you’ve fallen

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Live Like Einstein, Operate Like Toyota

We might say that Albert Einstein was the ultimate knowledge worker. He had a prolific brain which not only produced ideas which bent our understanding of space and time, he made it possible to blow up the world. He advanced our knowledge of science something mighty while leaving quite a

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