Month: April 2009

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“Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimal means.” – Dr. Koichi Kawana If I was only able to use one word to describe what lean and authentic continuous improvement meant to me I’d choose, without hesitation, simplicity. You see I feel like most of us, myself included, complicate

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Leave No Buffalo Behind

Last week I wrote about how geese stick together through thick and thin. Well, I think it’s safe to say buffalo make geese look like a bunch of sissies.  Be sure to watch this all the way to the end. Just trust me when I say this this video has

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Web Design and Control Charts

I used to check my website stats several times a day.  I’ll admit, I had a problem… but I’m guessing most bloggers have similar issues when first starting out. Well, I’m happy to say that I now check my website stats about once a week.  And I check my “ebook

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The Drop, the Bucket and Continuous Improvement

Mr. Obama, who held his first cabinet meeting Monday, has tasked officials with finding $100 million in savings. Asked by reporters after the meeting if that amount is a drop in the bucket of the government’s budget, Mr. Obama said “it is.” “Cumulatively, they make an extraordinary difference because they

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The A3 Thinking Blog

Launched quietly in March by Art Amalley and Prof. Durward Sobek, authors of the Understanding A3 Thinking book, the A3 Thinking Blog promises to be an excellent resource. So far there are just a handful of articles such as User Feedback on A3 Reports in which they share positive feedback

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Does Spiderman Save?

While it has nothing to do with lean or six sigma this was just too good to not share. My 4 year old daughter recently asked my wife, “Mommy, does Spiderman take away the sins of the world?” Sure, they ‘cost’ a lot of money… but to me… kids are

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