Month: July 2009

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Queuing Kaizen at Southwest Airlines

I can count the times I’ve flow on Southwest airlines, which is to say not often. Their no-frills approach and unique profitability as an airlines has earned them praise and the designation as “lean” by some. My impression of Southwest Airlines was that their boarding process with the unassigned seating

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Lean Hackathons – Are You Using Them?

Are you on Facebook? I am but that’s not the point of this article. No, the point of this article is that I just watched a short video about how the Facebook development team uses what they refer to as “Hackathons” to quickly bring new ideas to reality. Here is

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It’s Always Day 1

I just got done watching this video of Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, where he announced that Amazon has snatched up Zappos. I first saw this over on John Hunter’s blog. And while this is big news for sure… the thing that I loved about this video were the four things

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Dream Big… Start Small

My youngest daughter, who turns 1 this coming weekend, recently took her first steps and is a much happier little girl as a result. My wife and I think she just wanted to go, go, go as she watched her older brother and sisters run around and play. Now she

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