LSS Academy Guide to Lean Audio Book Now Available

Thousands of people from all over the world have downloaded the LSS Academy Guide to Lean eBook. It’s even been translated to Hungarian and Russian.  How cool is that?

But, until now, the only way to take in the information was by reading the PDF eBook. Good, but for people constantly on the move like me, this is not always convenient.

Professionally Recorded Audio Book

So, in order to make the information more accessible I decided to turn the eBook into a professionally recorded audio book.

If this sounds like it would be of any interest to you please click here to learn how you can immediately download the audio book to your mp3 listening device (e.g computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.).

Your Support of LSS Academy Is Appreciated!

And one side note… since I had to pay to have this audio book professionally produced I am charging a small fee for the audio book.

But please know that any profits I make will be put right back into LSS Academy. So, obviously, I really appreciate your support.

Get the Audio Book Now


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