Month: August 2009

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The Versatile Leader – Part 1

There’s one thing I know for sure… being a leader of people is hard work. No matter if the “people” are those you work with or your children at home… knowing how to best inspire and move them to greatness is no easy task. However, one thing is certain… great

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5S Guidelines for the Office

Jonathan asked: Hi Jon, Recently, I was tasked to head a 5S project here in our department (Purchasing) but I have limited knowledge on what is applicable and what should be implemented. I was thinking that some guidelines could possibly do more harm than good. Can you please help me

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Management Improvement Carnival #72

John Hunter over at Curious Cat Management Improvement blog has asked me to guest host an episode of the Management Improvement Carnival. Kudos to John for having done 71 of these over the past several years. Here are my choice of articles of interest from the last month: What if

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