Month: October 2009

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Cardinal Virtues and Leadership

Our most recent article, Level 5 Leadership, created quite the discussion in the comments section (18 comments as I write this). As is normally the case, I learned a lot from all the comments. I agreed with some of them and disagreed with others… but one question that seemed to

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Taiichi Ohno Video on Youtube

Only it’s in Turkish. Unfortunately that’s not one of my languages, and I can only hear brief snippets of Japanese beneath it, not enough to make out more than a few words. If any readers are capable in Turkish perhaps you can share with us a few highlights. Nevertheless I

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Level 5 Leadership

In his classic business book Good to Great Jim Collins introduces what he refers to as Level 5 Leaders, our topic in this article. Humility To start with, Level 5 Leaders are humble. In other words, those that Collins and his team of researcher’s labeled Level 5 Leaders rarely, if

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