Month: December 2009

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2009 Carnival of Lean Blogs

It’s time for a quick look back on the year before we slam, lock and bar the door on 2009 and welcome 2010 and the opportunity to demonstrate our learning by not repeating our mistakes. I can’t wait. Carnival master John Hunter has invited lean bloggers to review the past

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Are You a Million Method Man?

Are you a million method woman or man? Too many well-intentioned lean implementations are. The million method man has a tool or method to solve any problem they encounter. In the best of situations they are heroes and teachers who bring relief and understanding. In the worst of situations they

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Declutter with 5S in 20 Minutes Per Day?

In modern society there are many promises of something in “only 20 minutes per day” whether it is flat abdominals, riches or perfect happiness. In fact what many people miss is that it is “20 minutes per day FOREVER” that guarantees success. The same is true for sustaining lean culture

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Christmas Shopping for Lean Thinkers

The folks over at the Lean Enterprise Institute are extending a special holiday discount offer. You can get $10 off any LEI Store purchase by entering THANKYOU09 in the discount code field at checkout.  The offer is good through Jan 31, 2010. And while you are at it… you can

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