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What’s the ROI of a 5S Program?

A reader asked, “What’s the ROI of a 5S program?” She explained that she had read on another blog that it was impossible to calculate an ROI for a 5S program and that this was troubling for her. She has been leading 5S efforts in her office and now that

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Introducing the 5 Why “So What” Test

We, over at Gemba Academy, are busy finishing up our 8 Step Practical Problem Solving course which is modeled after the Toyota Business Practice (TBP) methodology. In one of the modules we’re exploring 5 Why Analysis in more detail since we’ve learned that many people think they know how 5

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Kanji and Humility

“We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.” – Rabindranath Tagore My friend, and fellow Texas lean blogger / Big Ten college football fanatic, Mark Graban wrote an article earlier this week summarizing ten things he wished lean practitioners wouldn’t say in 2010. It’s a good

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Knowing When to Stop: More TPS & the Tao

There is no set path to a successful change. Although once we understand it, we see that the lean path is the simplest of things, nobody can grasp it. If our leaders could gain control of a surefire approach change management everything would come together and everyone would have understanding

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Top 7 Behaviors to Change in 2010

Connected to the second step of writing resolutions for arbitrary dividing points in time, we need to address one of the biggest obstacles to success which all of us face: ourselves. The human mind is an incredibly powerful thing, the means to control which is in our hands, yet we

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