Month: March 2010

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I Presently Struggle With

One of my favorite quotes from the P90X training videos goes like this. “If you can eliminate the mindset that ‘I can’t. I can’t do pull ups.’ Forget I can’t – say ‘I presently struggle with’ and if you keep that mindset then over the course of time, someone who’s

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How to Scold Like a Kaizen Sensei

There must be people at Toyota waking up in a cold sweat these days from dreams in which they are being scolded by Taiichi Ohno, furious at the massive vehicle recalls caused ostensibly by the pursuit of scale and volume production at the expense of quality. At least I sincerely

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Kaizen Song: Change Agents

This kaizen song is inspired by and dedicated to each of the men and women, young and old, with whom I have been fortunate to learn about what it takes to make change happen. Change Agents (to the music of Changes by David Bowie) I didn’t know just what I’d

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No Money in Muda!

We’re finishing up the final touches on a new course over at Gemba Academy called “Lean Lingo Explained.” In this course Brad Schmidt, the managing partner of Gemba Japan, explains what several lean terms mean in great detail. Muda Explained One of the words Brad covers is muda.  Most of

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