Month: March 2010

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What You May be Missing About 5S

Paul left a couple of comments recently that caught my attention: HELP! My company has been “attempting” 5s for several years now,and have recently begun rolling it out once again after stopping it a few years back. My problem is this: We seem totally focused on painting everything from walls

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Who will you hire?

Which do you feel is more important – hard work and hustle or brains and intelligence? In other words, if you had to choose between the following two people to run your family business… who would it be? Person 1: Average intelligence but an unbelievable drive to succeed.  This person

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Peter Drucker’s Impact on Lean Thinking

The spring cleaning continues. My research library is an embarrassment of riches. Old notes and unfinished files hide in the shame of abundance. More the worse, no matter how much knowledge is shared its abundance only increases. Luckily our capacity to learn appears to be infinite within our lifetime. Today’s

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Lean Leaders, circa 2020

Guest Post by Michael Lombard of the Lean Builder Blog Have you seen any of Conan O’Brien’s “In the Year 2000” skits? They were funny when he started doing them way back in the 90’s, and were even funnier when he kept doing them long after the turn of the

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